Quiet Noise is West Wales based producer Adam Wilkinson.

In a studio that overlooks a valley where the air breathes a lone craftsman sets to work mapping his experience through experiment.

A collection of electronically manipulated found sound and customized instruments, Quiet Noise cultivates a tension between careful spacious textures and clumsy plucked ticks. The aim is to present the search for peace in our complex experience as a fractured beauty.

Album ‘Audible Life’ was released on Audiobulb in February 2015. Louder Than War described it as “an album that creeps inside the mind and lingers long after listening” while Brainstormimprov.com concluded “there is definitely a master at work.”

In April 2016 Audiobulb released second album ‘Music | Building | Music’ which was hailed as “a veritable feast of harmonies and melodies” by Essentially Pop while Buzz magazine says it “successfully realises a charming and emotive idea.

Following a 2 year hiatus spent producing music for bands, singers and film makers, Audiobulb put out it’s third Quiet Noise album ‘Story Machine’.

“Story Machine is an uplifting experience.” – Aural Aggravation

“…a 10 song masterpiece…” – OEM Radio

“A flirt with adventure and the great outdoors. Superb.” – Quiet & Sound.